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Canabalt epitomizes the expression "simple pleasure." At its core, this is a game about running. From the first frame of animation, your little hero takes off like a locomotive, picking up speed as he leaps across rooftops and over small obstacles. If he even tumbles into a crate or chair, he loses a little speed but keeps going. That speed loss, though, can prove catastrophic when he reaches a gap that is suddenly too wide to cross without adequate velocity.

Controls of the Game

Press X or Space to JUMP.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Avoiding objects may save your life

Preserve your nervs careful

Training makes it easier to complete levels

game review

Canabalt is a wonderful twitch game that strikes the right balance between skill and luck. It's certainly not for everybody. Some will judge it to be too simple and move on. But there is something really compelling in here -- a real desire to play again and again... and again. And that's not just so you can update your Twitter feed with your latest marathon sprint. Although, that's fun, too.