5 Ways to Diet That Is Significantly Dangerous

5 Ways to Diet That Is Significantly Dangerous

Getting the ideal body shape is the desire of everyone, even some people do various ways to get it, including the wrong diet and endanger health. Instead of getting a healthy and slim body, the opposite happened.

Some wrong diets that need to be known and are not recommended by most doctors and nutritionists. Ways to go on a diet that is dangerous and are still often practiced by most people. These include:

Take laxatives

Laxatives often become a shortcut for some people, to remove the contents of digestion. This habit affects the intestinal performance in processing waste to be excreted. The reason is, the intestine that previously can contract without the presence of laxatives, becomes more extra work.

Normally the intestine can contract to remove feces without the help of laxatives. When accustomed to drinking laxatives, intestinal contractions increase. So that if one day does not drink laxatives, the intestine will become weak. In addition, laxatives tend to secrete fluids in the body. In other words, laxatives are not recommended for long-term consumption.


Carbohydrates are one of the nutrients most needed by humans. Carbohydrates are the first source of energy used by the body. Unfortunately, some people still consider carbohydrates to be one of the main factors causing weight gain.

This is not uncommon to motivate some people, not to eat foods containing carbohydrates. Call it like rice, noodles, and other carbo foods. But this actually endangers the body.

Carbohydrate foods should not be used as the main …

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19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars - #2

19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars – #2

The 9 natural ingredients below are continued from 19 natural ingredients as acne scavengers that have been described previously:

11. Lemon

19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars - #2

Lemon can brighten the skin, so it can help fade acne scars faster. You only have to squeeze the lemon to get the water. Then dip the cotton into it and apply it to the face evenly, especially those with acne scars. Perform this treatment every day.

12. Honey

19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars - #2

Honey is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which helps heal damaged skin and prevent acne. Besides honey can also moisturize the skin while softening scar tissue and improving the skin.

How: take one tablespoon of honey, mix with lemon water, and then stir evenly. Apply the mixture to the face that has been cleaned. Leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Dry it by patting it using a soft cloth, then apply a moisturizer. Perform this treatment every day.

13. Coconut Oil

19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars - #2

Coconut oil contains good nutrients for the skin. Among other things, it contains antioxidants and vitamen E and K are capable of stimulating the growth of new skin cells. In addition, coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial which can prevent the emergence of new acne.

How: take one teaspoon of oil, rub it between the two palms until it feels warm. After that, apply to the entire face, especially those with acne scars. Leave it overnight and clean it the next day. Perform the treatment every day until the acne scars fade.

14. Caster Oil

19 Natural Ingredients to Avoid Acne Scars - #2

Caster oil contains vitamin E …

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