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After Highlights Hair Care That Needs To Be Looked To Stay Healthy

After Highlights Hair Care That Needs To Be Looked To Stay Healthy

As a woman who always updates her appearance according to the trend of hair color, inevitably we are faced with the risk of hair damage. You don’t want the looking to become dull because of dry hair, branching, or hair loss.

Don’t worry, there are several ways after highlights hair care. Check out the following:

After Highlights Hair Care That Needs To Be Looked To Stay Healthy

Hair Care with Clarifying Shampoo

After applying the highlights hair, there are times when the hair color becomes darker on one side than the other. Use a clarifying shampoo that makes your hair color more-flat with the right hair color gradation. In addition, these hair care products can also clean hair from dirt, due to the rest of hairstyling products or air pollution.

Benefits of Hair Masks

A common problem after colored hair is a condition of dry hair. Therefore, it is necessary to add moisture that keeps the hair healthy and shiny. Apply natural hair masks or those on the market regularly, for example once a week. Enjoy the results of healthy, moist hair, and prevent split ends.

Protect Hair When Exercising

Exercising has become a mandatory activity routinely. Do not let hair that has been given hair dye, will make a reason not to do physical activity. Use a hat when under the hot sun. If you choose swimming, don’t forget to use a swimming cap, to protect the hair from the pool water purification chemicals.

Do not Wash Hair with Warm Water

One way to treat hair that is freshly colored and easy to do at home is to wash it using non-warm water. This method keeps the hair cuticle so that the hair is soft and radiant. Using warm water just deprives the hair of natural moisture and makes hair dry.

Use Special Serum

Sometimes the use of hair coloring can make hair look dull and dry, especially if it is often exposed to sunlight, or hairstyling equipment, such as curling iron or a hair dryer. Overcome by using special serum for colored hair. In addition to making hair stay healthy, it also maintains hair dye so it doesn’t fade easily.

Minimize the Use of Hairdressing Tools

Colored hair is indeed more susceptible to hair styling, especially those involving heat, such as the use of a hair dryer and hair clamp. If not needed, minimize the use of these tools, or use a special hair serum before starting to set the desired hair model.

Use Hair care with Olive Oil

Famous for its extensive benefits to enhance your appearance, olive oil contains nutrients to maintain healthy hair. The method is quite easy, rub one to two teaspoons of olive oil into the scalp. Massage slowly then let stand 20-30 minutes, wash as usual. Hair becomes shiny and soft.

Bananas Can Also Overcome Dry Hair

Besides being delicious eaten directly, bananas can also be used to maintain hair beauty. For hair to be free from problems with dry and damaged hair due to the use of hair dyes, simply mix the banana that has been mashed with yogurt. Apply to the hair evenly, from the tip to the base of the hair. Let stand for 20 minutes, then do shampoo as usual. Do it regularly 2 times a week to get the desired results.

Healthy Hair with Honey

Because forgetfulness treats colored hair, hair becomes dry and easily falls out. Oh dear, right, try to deal with using honey. Take 2-3 drops of honey, then mix it on shampoo or conditioner. Apply evenly to all hair, let stand for a while then wash thoroughly.

Please follow the tips described “after highlights hair care” above, which has been explained above, to stay healthy and look beautiful.

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