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Is It Really Every Sugar Has Different Calories?

Is It Really Every Sugar Has Different Calories?

Sugar is one of the nutrients that greatly affects your diet program which aims to get weight loss. The calories contained in sugar are very influential in this regard. Therefore, calories for weight loss must be considered in every nutrient that will be consumed.

Find the difference between each type of sugar :

Sugar which is always identical as an artificial sweetener is often used as a complement to the mixture of coffee, tea, cakes and cookies. There are even several types of sugar for diabetics, so that blood sugar in the body remains stable. Then, what’s the difference between these sweeteners? Here’s the answer.

White sugar

White sugar is a type of sugar commonly used. Derived from natural sugar cane, sugar is a type of sweetener that you can use for a variety of mixtures ranging from drinks to sweet cakes.

Brown Sugar

Just like sugar, brown sugar also comes from sugar cane. The difference is, if sugar goes through a series of processes before it is ready to use, brown sugar only goes through a portion of the procedure. The sweetness of brown sugar comes from molasses or sugar cane droplets, this is what makes brown sugar more rich in minerals and its sweet aroma is suitable for use on cakes.

Palm Sugar

Unlike white and brown sugar from sugar cane trees, palm sugar is made from palm trees. In some tropical countries, one of the most commonly used types of palm sugar is brown sugar or palm sugar. The distinctive aroma of palm sugar is suitable for use in making traditional snacks.

The healthiest sweetener

Of the three types of sugar, there was no significant difference in terms of health. All three have calories that are not much different, namely 16 calories in sugar, 15 calories in brown sugar and 10 calories in palm sugar in every 1 teaspoon. Avoid consuming sugar excessively and try to replace the sweetness of more natural ingredients, such as fruit.