Hair Care

Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

If you have dry or damaged hair, you may want to consider a pre-shampoo treatment to increase circulation in the scalp. You can also apply a conditioner after you wash your hair. This helps to absorb excess moisture and reduce the amount of heat needed to dry it. Another hair care tip is to embrace your natural texture and avoid colouring it.

Pre-shampoo treatments improve blood circulation on the scalp

Several pre-shampoo treatments are available to boost scalp blood circulation. These include blends of essential oils such as rosemary and vitamin E. Massage this blend into the scalp and hair strands. Allow the mixture to sit for at least a few hours before shampooing.

Conditioning after shampooing

Traditionally, you would shampoo your hair first and then apply conditioner. However, if you have fine hair, it is best to reverse the order. This will ensure that you get hydration and nourishment from your conditioner, without leaving your hair feeling oily or heavy. You should apply conditioner to hair after shampooing it, and then rinse it off after a couple of minutes. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards, as conditioner can clog your hair follicles.

Embrace your natural hair texture

Embracing your natural hair texture can help you maintain a beautiful and healthy head of hair. This lifestyle choice means taking care of your natural hair, and using products designed for your hair type. Creating a regimen to match your hair type can make your morning routine much easier.

Avoid colouring dry hair

One of the cardinal rules of hair colouring is to avoid colouring dry hair. This is because dyes work best on hair that has not been recently washed. However, there are exceptions.

Exercise promotes healthy hair follicles

Exercising regularly will help your heart and circulation, which improves blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Ultimately, this will encourage new hair growth. Whether you prefer running, swimming, cycling, or hiking, any type of exercise will help your hair follicles grow healthy and strong.

Avoid excessive washing

When caring for your hair, it is important to avoid excessive washing. Excessive washing can cause dry and damaged hair. In addition to that, excessive washing can damage the scalp.

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