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Nutrition Care Plan Example

Nutrition Care Plan Example

A nutrition care plan example is a tool that you can use to help develop an NCP. It outlines the problem, its etiology, the signs and symptoms, and the intervention. Once you’ve done this, it will be easier to create a plan that will help the patient reach their health goals.


Etiology is the cause, symptom, or risk factor for a condition. These factors can be social, psychological, or physical. A dietitian can focus on the underlying cause or factors and develop a nutrition care plan to address those factors. It is important to recognize that a diagnosis may be triggered by more than one cause, and that some causes are not a direct cause of a condition.

The PES Statement defines Etiology as the cause or manner of causation of a disease or condition. Etiology in a Nutrition Care Plan describes the underlying cause of a nutrition problem. Because of this, the Nutrition Intervention should address the root cause of the nutrition problem.


Intervention in nutrition care plan is a series of planned actions that are intended to improve a patient’s nutrition status. The intervention should address the cause of the nutritional condition, minimize signs/symptoms, and improve health status. The interventions should be matched to the individual patient and the clinical setting. The intervention is based on the initial nutrition diagnosis and the client’s specific needs.

The process involves a collaborative relationship between the patient and health care provider and focuses on behavior modification and goal setting. The IDT team will review the plan periodically to ensure that it is meeting the patient’s specific needs. The plan includes a holistic assessment of the patient’s nutrition status, identifying resident-specific interventions, a time frame, and parameters for monitoring.

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