Facial skin problems are a necessity that often makes inconvenience in everyday relationships. Non-confidence in association can occur in a woman because of this problem. Here, we will briefly discuss acne and wrinkles skin care.

Acne And Wrinkles Skin Care - One Of Several Treatment You Need To Know

Hormonal Acne - What It Is and How to Treat It

Inside the pore or hair follicle is a gland called a sebum gland, that is stimulated by androgen hormones to produce oil. The job of the oil is to keep the hair in the follicle soft so it doesn't break. The oil that finds its way onto the skin keeps our skin soft and pH balanced. Acne occurs due to improper skin care and/or hormonal imbalances.

Acne is a skin disorder that attacks people of all ages and sadly enough, is very common today. Years ago acne was a right of passage for teens and was mostly over looked as something that "you would just grow out of." We know now that it can be a sign of hormonal imbalances.

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