Avocado and Hair Care, meaning avocado is used for hair care and it turns out to be an alternative solution for various hair problems, including dry and fall hair. Come on, see how to make it!

Avocado is not only beneficial for the skin and body health. Avocados are also very good for hair. Avocado oil is very easily absorbed by the hair sacs, so it is great for dry hair. However, not only to deal with dry hair you know, this one fruit has also been used by ancient Egyptians to improve hair growth, overcome dry hair, and increase the shine of hair. You can use fresh fruit or avocado oil to get the benefits. You can also make masks like the following to make your hair more beautiful, let's see!

Avocado, Honey, Olive Oil, and Lavender Oil Hair Masks

Honey is rich in vitamins that strengthen the scalp and hair. In addition, honey also functions as a humectant, so that your hair retains moisture. Meanwhile, olive oil is also … READ MORE ...