Adverse Impact If you do not want to Exercise Besides Overweight

Adverse Impact If you do not want to Exercise Besides Overweight

If you think the worst effect of sedentary habits is getting fat or being overweight, this is not entirely true. Dr. Lisa N. Folden, a licensed physical therapist, and lifestyle coach says these 5 things will happen if you sit or lie down for too long during the day and don’t exercise at all.


“When your intestines get ‘stuck’, it’s a sign that you’re not getting enough fiber and water or you’re not moving enough. For everything to be okay, you have to exercise regularly. Lying or sitting all day is a great way to stop pooping. Take a walk during your lunch break, or try to get up and stretch a few times throughout the day to thank your body and stomach,” she says.

Tense muscles

You have to know that muscles are like rubber bands. The more you stretch and move them, the more flexible your muscles will be. Conversely, when you stop moving it, the muscles can freeze or tighten and essentially shorten. If this happens, you may feel more uncomfortable moving around. To fix this, she recommends taking a few minutes three times a week to stretch.

Stiff joints

She said that body parts such as knees, shoulders, and ankles have a lubricant called synovial fluid in them. “These fluids help your joints move smoothly and without pain. When you don’t move and don’t exercise often, the production of that fluid starts to slow down and your joints are affected,” he explained. To restore these …

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