As a woman who always updates her appearance according to the trend of hair color, inevitably we are faced with the risk of hair damage. You don't want the looking to become dull because of dry hair, branching, or hair loss.

Don't worry, there are several ways after highlights hair care. Check out the following:

After Highlights Hair Care That Needs To Be Looked To Stay Healthy

Hair Care with Clarifying Shampoo

After applying the highlights hair, there are times when the hair color becomes darker on one side than the other. Use a clarifying shampoo that makes your hair color more-flat with the right hair color gradation. In addition, these hair care products can also clean hair from dirt, due to the rest of hairstyling products or air pollution.

Benefits of Hair Masks

A common problem after colored hair is a condition of dry hair. Therefore, it is necessary to add moisture that keeps the hair healthy and shiny. Apply natural hair masks or those on the market regularly, for example once a week. Enjoy the results of healthy, moist hair, and … READ MORE ...