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Wen Hair Care Reviews

Wen Hair Care Reviews

A couple of months back I decided I had to attempt WEN haircare. The infomercials had been enticing, however it was an endorsement from Emily (of the Bachelor fame, Brad’s 2nd season) that actually convinced me. The girl is gorgeous and her hair generally looks flawless. It took about two weeks to ultimately get to me, I wasn’t about to spend extra for shipping. I’m frugal, to say the least.

My 1st impression was, wow this definitely does not lather at all can it basically clean my hair? The answer was Yes ?? I was pleasantly shocked that it didn’t make my hair the least bit oily. I identified if I didn’t invest as lengthy rinsing that my hair would be slightly bit additional heavy than normal, so the crucial to non-oily WEN hair is absolutely rinsing well. My hair looked and felt awesome. Healthy, voluminous, styled nicely, shiny, very “happy hair.”

What I straight away realized I didn’t like is just how much of the product you are supposed to utilize each time you wash your hair. 16 pumps? Really? I skimped a bit and was in a position to make the bottle final for about two and also a half weeks. Had I employed 16 pumps each day I’m not positive it would’ve lasted me greater than per week. I had reluctantly signed up for the auto-refill so my next bottle was on the way. Or so I believed. It would take almost 3 weeks for my subsequent order to acquire to me. This refill came with twice as a lot item because the initial shipment, at twice the price. I didn’t mind, I loved the item and felt I was finding what I paid for. That was until a friend of mine, who I recommended attempt WEN mainly because I loved it a lot, was able to buy hers on QVC for half the cost. Do what?! I felt so gypped!

So, naturally, I known as WEN and asked them for the QVC value after nicely explaining to them that a pal I referred received exactly the same amount of product for half the value, and hers really arrived within a reasonable amount of time. The nice lady refunded my shipping expenses and supplied me with a 20% discount on my next order. I felt slightly better. I also asked her why the product does not last 30 days like advertised and she responded “we advise only washing your hair every 2-4 days.” I comprehend A number of people are able to get away with this, nonetheless, I’m not among those persons. I’m a shower and wash my hair each and every day, often twice each day, kinda gal. My hair would stick to my head if I went longer than 24 hours without having washing it, and I do not really feel pretty awake until I’ve showered and washed my hair every day. It’d be as well weird for me.
In conclusion, listed below are my pros and cons of WEN haircare:


Hair looks and felt good.
Styled amazingly.
Shampoo and Conditioner in one, super effective.
Smelled nicely.
Paraben and sulfate totally free.


Runs out promptly.
Shipping is actually a pain in the butt.
Apparently you’ve to hunt down the top existing deal to be able to get the most beneficial value.
I missed having the ability to visit the retailer if I run out.
I always felt like I had to skimp to create it last.

So there you might have it. My individual expertise with WEN haircare. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it enough to keep employing it. At present I’m working with TIGI Bed HeadBrilliant Brunette, smells awesome.