If you want to master various poses in yoga, the first thing you have to do is master the basics. To protect you from various injuries, it is important for you to be guided by an experienced yoga instructor, the first time you do yoga. If you have an injury to the neck, back, joints, or problems with flexibility, talk to your doctor before doing a yoga routine.

There are many movements that you can do for the belly fat problem. In addition to sit ups and plank positions, some yoga movements can also help you with this problem. Take it easy, some of these movements are not too heavy and can help burn fat in the abdomen.

1.      Bhujangasana or cobra pose

Besides being able to help tighten the stomach, this movement is also useful to improve posture and increase body flexibility. This pose can also help the abdominal muscles work properly and straighten the shape of the spine.

4 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss Belly

2.      Dhanurasana or bow pose

This pose can help stretch the abdominal muscles and increase the flexibility of the spine. Not only that, this movement can also help burn fat in the stomach and back. Lie on the mat and raise your hands behind to hold your toes. Lift your chest, take a deep breath, and make your body more relaxed.

4 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss Belly

3.      Surya Namaskar

Besides being able to reduce body fat, this pose can also bring flexibility to the spine and make blood circulation smooth.

4 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss Belly

4.      Balasana

This movement can help to form the waist and thigh muscles and strengthen the ankle muscles. Not only that, this movement can also help improve posture and speed up metabolism so that it helps reduce weight.

4 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss Belly