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Aerobic Or Zumba For Weight Loss, Which One Is More Effective?

Aerobic Or Zumba For Weight Loss, Which One Is More Effective?

Having an ideal body shape is a dream for every woman. So no wonder, if to get the body shape, they will do various ways, such as limiting calorie intake into the body, doing certain diet programs, and exercise (gymnastics).

Gymnastics is a sport that involves movement performance that requires strength, speed, and harmony in regular physical movements. There are many types of exercise that can effectively lose weight such as aerobics and zumba. Both types of exercise have been proven to be able to lose weight, so many women, especially teenagers who like it.

Aerobic Or Zumba For Weight Loss, Which One Is More Effective?

However, which aerobic and zumba is more effective for weight loss?

Aerobic is a series of moves that are combined with the rhythm of the music that has been selected for a certain duration. This aerobic was popular in the late 1970s, but now it has been popular with various ages. Aerobic is a physical exercise that aims to increase the efficiency of oxygen intake in the body’s tissues which is determined by the maximum capacity of the lungs when breathing air.

This exercise gives more strength to the main muscles and besides that it involves a lot of cardio and adds more strength. The benefits of aerobic exercise are to increase the endurance of the heart and lungs, increase muscle strength, increase flexibility, and body composition.

Zumba comes from the Colombian word which means having fun and moving fast which was accidentally created by Alberto Perez. Zumba exercises are a series of cardiovascular movements that are fun and easy to follow, accompanied by music. This exercise is based on modern dance combined with Latin and International music with fast and moderate rhythms.

There are many types of movements that are carried out repeatedly by moving most of the body’s muscles so that it is beneficial to facilitate the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body and increase the heart rate. And another benefit of zumba is being able to burn more excess calories, increase stamina, reduce blood pressure and body fat, and make the heart happy, confident and feel energized.

So, from the explanation above it can be concluded that aerobic exercise and zumba are equally effective for weight loss. You only need to choose, if you want to focus on muscle building, you can choose aerobics. However, if you want to focus on burning fat and prefer modern dance you can choose zumba.

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